Friday, July 6, 2012

Partnering to save endangered animals: Maryland

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In Maryland and other states, bog turtles are most often found on private lands. These lands need long-term maintenance to maintain quality habitat for bog turtles; otherwise the vegetation growth advances or exotic species invade. 

On Deb English’s horse farm, the solution was grazing by sheep and goats. 

The abundance of bog turtles in pastured wetlands like those on English’s farm suggests that grazing has historically maintained the openness of wetlands needed for habitat. English and her family worked with the Maryland Bog Turtle Partnership to improve a section of their farm for the turtles. 

“These individuals have spent countless hours working with us to delineate bog turtle habitat and to survey the turtle population,” says English. “I’m proud to see this important program expand and continue well into the future.” Read another landowner's story.

Landowner Greg Wilson holds a bog turtle found in a wetland on his property.  He runs a family-operated produce farm. In 2006, the Service and other partners restored a large section of nesting habitat that enabled the bog turtles to reproduce there for the first time in more than 10 years.

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