Friday, May 18, 2012

Let's start the conversation: How does this government agency affect you?

The online conversation of conservation in the Northeast is rapidly expanding. It’s time we joined in! This blog will be a forum for Ecological Services to share what our program is doing to help fish and wildlife in the Northeast. You’ll hear from me--the head of our program--as well as our partners and our expert team across the 13 states we serve.

Image of Paul Phifer
Paul Phifer (me, on the right) standing with our partners at an
event celebrating the Eel River project in Massachusetts.
What is Ecological Services (ES), you may ask? While all programs in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (e.g., Fisheries, Migratory Birds, National Wildlife Refuges, and Budget and Administration) are dedicated to recovering and protecting trust species, ES is devoted specifically to the protection and restoration of imperiled species and their habitat.

Our biologists support partners and projects with their knowledge and skills in habitat restoration, species conservation, contaminant assessment and remediation, wetlands inventory, wind energy, fish passage and project planning. Programs within ES are devoted to each of these disciplines; and you’ll see periodic highlights of them in this blog.

We’re here to share our expertise and our devotion to the outdoors, and to give you a place to learn and share these experiences. This blog is also a chance to see what your federal government is up to – see what we’re working on and why. Learn which neighbors we’re partnering with. Understand the decisions we make. Comment on what we’re doing and how we can communicate better.

Nature needs us. Find out what we are doing to meet this need.

Submitted by Paul Phifer

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